Photoshop CS4 Extended

PSD file to launch Adobe Photoshop CS4 on OS X El Capitan

tl;dr: Use this 1x1px PSD file to force launch Adobe Photoshop CS4.

I installed OS X 10.11 Beta, updated Java soon to realise I cannot run Photoshop CS4. I felt desperate for a while, restarted my book few times, with zero results until I suddenly opened PSD file from fellow designer.

Boom! The Photoshop was running as expected.

I asked him to create 1x1px PSD for me to test a more sherable/permanent solution. Since I’m writing this post, you know the results.

Download 1x1px Photoshop CS4 Launcher for OS X El Capitan and enjoy!

160 px Column

160 Pixels: Unified Column Width for Designing Responsive Layouts

Months ago, mostly by accident, I started to design responsive websites within 160 px columns. I came to this idea because:

  1. responsive design is a must
  2. mobile-first is great as a design mindset
  3. narrows scope and boosts effectivity
  4. I needed to overcome fixed page size

If you remember CS4, it lacks support for flexible page size. By using multipage feature, you can have various page width within inDesign CS4.

Since than I realized, that’s it’s probably even more, than a pretty column size.

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Bootstrapping Fast Asynchronous Websites for 14 kB Roundtrip

Basically the point is to serve as much of the page content in the first 14kB roundtrip. It’s done by inlining critical CSS and JS (I think even adding lazy loading script, polyfils, etc. can be critical JS) into the HTML.

But you want to use best-practice:

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Running Android Simulator (AVD) on Desktop [Mac]

Testing and debugging app or website on a real device is always a win. Most of the times, we are lucky to test on some of the friends devices. That’s when running an AVD — Android Virtual Device is much help and is better than nothing. Hence process is not so straightforward this post was born.

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Hacking CSS position:fixed with position:absolute

Objective: Create a fixed position header and footer while maintain the scrolling functionality cross-browser.

Looking at tables for position:fixed support you can notice, the support is fairly good these days. Still I meet people with Android running version Android < v3 and (maybe fewer) iPhones running version of iOS <5.

Point of having a website, not an app is to be accessible as much as possible. But what if you still want to have cutting edge design, even just to wow your customers.

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Macaw LESS CSS Swatches

Converting Macaw: Exciting New Features of Publisher

Last few weeks/days I’ve been mostly polishing the Publisher which comes with templating support for Macaw exported HTML out of the box. Combining the data, translations and Macaw designing has significantly changed how I work.

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Data driven websites using Macaw + Publisher Demo

Tutorial: Turning Macaw into a data-driven multi-language Publisher website

I’ve decided to show you how to change Macaw example website into Publisher powered website with data comming from a data source rather being hard-coded in the Macaw HTML export. Together we’ll create a website in two languages with one design/code base:

I’ll setup a fresh new project for you to follow, but you can already download the end result including the MCW file from it’s repository and study the example file as you read the tutorial.

Publisher is a small flat PHP engine I wrote and I open-sourced it under MIT licence.

Enjoy :)

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