Markdown + WordPress = ♥︎

I love M↓. In fact I’am writing this very article in markdown syntax.

Markdown resources:

What’s even better, by using Markdown plugin I can now write Markdown even in the official app:

Markdown in WordPress App

Colourful environment for everyone

Syntax colour highlighting is something most of the world will certainly benefit not. At least not directly. But for those of us digging in the code from time to time or every day it is truly a game changer. Writing and reading code is easier, faster and add more meaning to it. And it looks a lot better.

And even developers have some aesthetics. Imagine writing a code in a dull environment for couple of hours. Than imagine doing it each day you spent at work.

Here are some pre-made coding environment themes out there:

In the course of time I have created my own colour palette for TextWrangler.

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