Convert Open Street Map to an Adobe Illustrator vector file [OS X]

Open Street Map project is indeed a great project and probably the only one that lets you export it’s data and use it however you wish. Even for commercial purposes.

Open Street Map Export

Exported data are not ready for print, but with a little help of Terminal magic, everything is possible. See Exporting to Adobe Illustrator for the overview.

My notes:

  1. Download the updated script and export some map data as map.osm. For more simplicity, store everything in the same directory.
  2. Navigate to the directory with script and map.osm: $ cd /Users/yourusername/path/to/the/map
  3. To make script executable use command: $ chmod +x
  4. If you run into error like this: $ ./ --input map.osm --projection osgb --output Can't locate Geo/Coordinates/ Install module using command: $ sudo cpan Geo::Coordinates::OSGB

Run $ ./ --input map.osm --projection osgb --output again.

Dividing into layers

Create a filters.txt file like this one:

boundaries: boundary=*
villages: place=village
religions: religion=*
amenities: amenity=*
places: place=*
leisures: leisure=*
shops: shop=*
buildings: building=*
ways: highway=*
water: waterway=*
rivers: river=*
forests: landuse=forest
farmlands: landuse=farmland
tree_rows: natural=tree_row
trees: natural=tree
health: natural=heath
wood: natural=wood
other: =

and run:

$ ./ --input map.osm --projection osgb --output --filters filters.txt

Now you are ready for even more work with the Illustrator paths. I prefer to use Live paint to fill map areas with colour. And you?