Clean Apple Mail

Free Disk Space by Deleting old Apple Mail App Attachments

Here’s a quick tip to clean your small but fast SSD drive: delete unnecessary Apple Mail app attachments. Mail app by default downloads every email and every attachment ever hit you inbox. Let’s clean the hard-drive waste.

1. Make sure you use IMAP

Go to Mail settings by hitting Cmd + , or via menu:


In Accounts tab, you should see IMAP in account description:

Confirm IMAP

2. Turn-off Automatic Attachment Downloads

Clean Apple Mail

3. Delete Old Attachments

WARNING: You should advance only at your own risk. This method works for me, might work for you. Anyway, make sure you have all copies of important messages stored on mail server. Do not advance if you have used POP3 with your account.

In Finder use Cmd + G to Go to folder and enter ~/Library/Mail/V2 where your Mail app stores emails:

Go to Folder in Finder Go to Folder... dialog

This way you can navigate to a hidden folder. And this is how it might look:

Library Mail V2

In the V2 folder you need to faind all folders with name Attachments by using Cmd + F or simply by clicking into Search input:

Library Mail V2

You can limit results to the V2 subfolder and Kind: Folders to get just the relevant results.

Delete all Attachments folders.

Enjoy regained disk space!