iOS 7 Photo App Cover

The new redesigned Camera App for iOS 7

Taking photos is more about passion than technology, more about art than technique. Photo composition is really important aspect for every photographer and is vital for getting the best results.

Still when technology stays in your way, it’s sad. because all of this could have been easily overcome.

What happended with iOS the 7 Camera app

Here’s how the average photo experience looks like on iPhone 4S with the iOS 7 and is different to the experience of iPhone 5 (and newer).

iOS 7 Photo App Reimagined (for iPhone 4S)

Inaccurate composition on 4” screen devices.

Your are unconsciously making unintended decisions. The composition is pushed up leaving too much space in the bottom.

Inaccurate composition on 4” screen devices

Camera app on 5” screen uses 4:3 ratio

The 4” screen should use it too. Even distribution of overlapped space when the original sensor ratio (full sensor is 4:3) is being used:

Camera app on 5” screen uses 4 to 3 ratio

Cleaner interface using 5:4 crop ratio

4” screens nowadays use 3:2 ratio anyway. Cropping top and bottom introduces 5:4 crop but composition is even better.

Cleaner interface using 5 to 4 crop ratio

What if the crop of 5:4 is a problem?

Scale the image a little. I won’t mind the black box around. Another way to use the original 4:3 full sensor ratio is to shrink image. The last taken photo as a real thumb is unnecessary. The icon would do just as fine. Filters can be displayed as outlined icon too.

What if the crop of 5 to 4 is a problem

More iOS 7 feel for the Camera app.

Remove all unnecessary and keep the functionality.

More iOS 7 feel for the Camera app

The new improved Camera app.

Perfection can be always pushed further.

iOS 7 Camera App Reimagined (for iPhone 4S)11

If you like the idea, let Apple hear your voice and share.

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