Samsung Galaxy S5 Mockup Freebie

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mockups [Vectors or PSD]

As there was no quality Samsung S5 smartphone mockup available I decided to create a mockup myself and give it back to the community.

Mockup is available either as precise vector graphics for Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or as hi-res bitmap images clipped by curves for Adobe Photoshop (.psd).

Two shadows (bottom and below) and 4 different color variations are available.

Shimmery White


Charcoal Black / Electric Blue (same front)


Copper Gold


Note: Original Android Roboto font was used instead of the corporate Samsung Imagination font.

Details you always wished for in a mockup

Illustrator Vector Mockups of Samsung Galaxy S5 delivers high definition and hackable vectors:


Includes all 4 color versions in separate layers and 2 hackable shadows:

  • Bottom Shadow uses simple feather effect
  • Below Shadow uses blend through 3 curves (move/scale separate curves for desirable shadow softness)

Applying your artwork

  • Option 1: Turning off Backface and Screen layer creates a hole in the smartphone and than place it over your design.
  • Option 2: Using blue screen Background curve to mask placed art inside of the mockup.

Further Resources

Enjoy the mockup

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Creative Commons License
Samsung S5 Mockup by Martin Adamko is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Notes on Photoshop Hi-Res Bitmap Mockup versions of Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Black version has slightly higer resolution (2164 × 2886 px), therefore a separate PSD
  • Other 3 different color variations 1623 × 2165 px): Gold, Electric Blue and White
  • Silhouette layer has optional transparency curve (activate by Shift-clicking the layer thumb to create a hole in the phone).