Bootstrapping Fast Asynchronous Websites for 14 kB Roundtrip

Basically the point is to serve as much of the page content in the first 14kB roundtrip. It’s done by inlining critical CSS and JS (I think even adding lazy loading script, polyfils, etc. can be critical JS) into the HTML.

But you want to use best-practice:

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Hacking CSS position:fixed with position:absolute

Objective: Create a fixed position header and footer while maintain the scrolling functionality cross-browser.

Looking at tables for position:fixed support you can notice, the support is fairly good these days. Still I meet people with Android running version Android < v3 and (maybe fewer) iPhones running version of iOS <5.

Point of having a website, not an app is to be accessible as much as possible. But what if you still want to have cutting edge design, even just to wow your customers.

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