Running Android Simulator (AVD) on Desktop [Mac]

Testing and debugging app or website on a real device is always a win. Most of the times, we are lucky to test on some of the friends devices. That’s when running an AVD — Android Virtual Device is much help and is better than nothing. Hence process is not so straightforward this post was born.

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Mobile Emulation using Chrome Developer Tools

Interesting reading about:

  • Enabling the Emulation Panel
  • Emulating Touch Events
  • Emulating Devices
  • Useragent Spoofing
  • Network Bandwidth Throttling
  • Geolocation Overrides
  • Device Orientation Overrides
  • CSS Media Type Emulation

Displaying the emulation tab is fairly hard for the first time, as it is hidden under Console drawer (that thing that slides up whenever you hit Esc button. The emulation has to be enabled in the settings first.


  • Android artificially increases the font metrics (important when using EM based layouts)
  • It is possible to see @media print { ... }
  • On Mac, there is the Network Link Conditioner (part of Xcode) to test network speed

Link: Mobile Emulation