Photoshop CS4 Extended

PSD file to launch Adobe Photoshop CS4 on OS X El Capitan

tl;dr: Use this 1x1px PSD file to force launch Adobe Photoshop CS4.

I installed OS X 10.11 Beta, updated Java soon to realise I cannot run Photoshop CS4. I felt desperate for a while, restarted my book few times, with zero results until I suddenly opened PSD file from fellow designer.

Boom! The Photoshop was running as expected.

I asked him to create 1x1px PSD for me to test a more sherable/permanent solution. Since I’m writing this post, you know the results.

Download 1x1px Photoshop CS4 Launcher for OS X El Capitan and enjoy!

Clean Apple Mail

Free Disk Space by Deleting old Apple Mail App Attachments

Here’s a quick tip to clean your small but fast SSD drive: delete unnecessary Apple Mail app attachments. Mail app by default downloads every email and every attachment ever hit you inbox. Let’s clean the hard-drive waste.

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OS X Yosemite Splash

Installing Yosemite (or any other) OS X as secondary OS

Just as I’m writing this post, my disk is shrinking once again. Last time it was because of me installing Lion1. First I wanted to use Virtual Box to run it within a virtual machine. After I tried several option to boot install I finally gave it up. My last hope to install Lion was by load (restore) contents of the DMG hidden in the OS X Install app downloaded from Apple Store into a real partition and install.

I was successfull with Lion. This time I’ll keep journal and I try to install Yosemite.

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A Mac computer runs slower as it runs out of space

It is a sad know fact.

I have a client, passionate about his Air. But it has this little glitch, it’s SSD runs out of space very quickly. It was possible to free some space more than twice, only on the third round to find out there is nothing to free anymore.

Fast forward today.

There is this tiny app from Omni Group called Omni Disk Sweeper. This little fellow can calculate sizes for all of your directories. And when run with administrator rights (using sudo before app’s name from Terminal) it can calculate size of any directory otherwise hidden from your sight.

Happy cleaning my #apple friends.