160 px Column

160 Pixels: Unified Column Width for Designing Responsive Layouts

Months ago, mostly by accident, I started to design responsive websites within 160 px columns. I came to this idea because:

  1. responsive design is a must
  2. mobile-first is great as a design mindset
  3. narrows scope and boosts effectivity
  4. I needed to overcome fixed page size

If you remember CS4, it lacks support for flexible page size. By using multipage feature, you can have various page width within inDesign CS4.

Since than I realized, that’s it’s probably even more, than a pretty column size.

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Responsive Design Without Using @Media Queries

Why? Answer is simple: You cannot turn off media queries, but you can disable script from processing and thus control the User Experience.

I came across the GSS in March this year. From the GSS website:

Grid Style SheetsGSS reimagines CSS layout & replaces the browser’s layout engine with one that harnesses the Cassowary Constraint Solver — the same algorithm Apple uses to compute native layout.

Take a look for yourself at the constrains and Visual Format Examples.

Guess I am not about to use it any soon, but wait a sec…

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