Thought on process of designing websites

Last year I gave a presentation on my process of designing websites in inDesign on the WordCamp Slovensko 2013. Yes, as you can see I use a tool for print purposes for designing webs. Here are my reasons:

  1. Website is content, lot’s of content, Google loves it and iD handles content very well
  2. Designing is a process, a lengthy one:
    • multiple pages layout for more variations, iterations, experimenting
    • masters to try various layouts on same data
    • continuos improvement (start with basics and add details on the go)
  3. Websites use CSS, sort of inheritance in definitions of styles and so does iD
  4. Recolouring using swatches is a must
  5. Simulation of web box model is achievable using iD.

Sad fact is, there’s not much mention about me on the official site, but there is a presentation and a video.

My speach is in Slovak, presentation too, but you might get the point from the pictures. My speach is not perfect as I get nervous in front of people, but hope get best out of it.

Time’s changing (maybe)

When the Google Webdesigner came out I was rethinking I might stop using inDesign. Well, I still use it, obviously something went wrong. My expectation did not meet reality.

I gave the app a try. It didn’t feel right from the first time and I still don’t.

Designing happens in absolute positions, and since you are editing the .html file by itself, that is the result after you quit the Webdesigner. In this point you might argue, that inDesing is absolutely positioned too and it’s export to .html is far from usable. Yes. But it helps me building subpages using multipage layout and masters.

I might have misunderstood the point of this app, and maybe there’s a hack for using external .css to work on multiple pages in once, but that just doesn’t feel like it was meant to be used that way.

Time might be changing for real

There are some new kids on the block:

  • – aimed for a designers’ tool
  • Mixture – static site generator tool

Questions left

  • How can a CSS bootstrap (TWBS, Foundation, PureCSS from Yahoo!, Topcoat from Adobe, ionic or any other, or even your own) be implemented and used with these apps?
  • Is there any chance of exporting usable templates (like Mustache or, silly as it seams, but even .php e.g. for WordPress)?
  • What about the desining states like when implementatin Modernizr?

… maybe some others will pop up.


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