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Uploading Ionic Apps to use with Ionic View App

I’ve tried to build some test Android apps using the Ionic. And by enabling install from other sources than Play Store, virtually anybody could install and test my app provided one has an Android device. Sending Dropbox link to a friend with Android device is a hassle-free process.

But what about iOS friends?

Luckily, Ionic View has recently landed into App Store and I love it. A lot! When you log into for the first time you’re welcomed with this message.

Welcome! You don’t have any apps yet. Create your first one:

$ sudo npm install -g ionic cordova 
$ ionic start [project] 
$ cd [project] 
$ ionic login 
$ ionic upload

So now grab the Ionic View App and loading your future app in any iDevice is as easy as sending a Dropbox link.